Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I get quite a few emails from you lovely people that visit this website. I thought that, to save myself the ongoing agony, I’d prepare a short FAQ in the hope that someone will read it before sending an email.

What marks did you get?
None of your business Happy. I’m a very humble person and I don’t like to gloat. But I can tell you one thing for sure, I hope you all get 7s.

What is your GPA?
Once again, none of your business Happy. I’m a very humble person and I don’t like to gloat. But I can tell you one thing for sure, I hope your GPA is 7 (yes that means you get a 7 for every single subject for your entire degree). NOTE: my GPA is definitely not 7, far from!

Do you have any tips for, like, doing well in exams?
Not really. My main tip would be to find out what the examiner wants. What are they looking for. I usually go and see the unit co-ordinator and say quite frankly to them “what do you want to see from me in my exam paper?” They’re usually more than happy to tell you. Make use of your tutor; tell them you want a 7 and what are they really looking for in your exam answers. Make links between topics in the subject. Don’t arrange your notes into “week” order. Put them into “thought process” order. My brain works best by following steps, flows: step 1, do this, step 2, do this. To get a 7 in a subject, the criteria is that you show:
“evidence of an exceptional level of achievement of unit learning outcomes, such as: thorough and well reasoned critical analysis and evaluation of concepts, theories and practice from the field of study, creative and insightful application of well integrated theoretical and practical knowledge to professional contexts.”

So you need to be able to MAKE LINKS between different weeks, and not treat the topics as distinct and separate, unless of course they totally are. And write like a lawyer. Make the examiner think you know what the hell you’re talking about. Don’t just blurt everything you have down onto the page. A lawyer’s tools are his/her words. On that point, make sure you’re able to spell words properly. Seriously.

Do you have notes for [insert random subject]?
Does it look like I have notes for [insert random subject]? If I have them, they’re on the website. Sheesh!

Why do you put your notes online?
I don’t really know. For some reason, I have always been willing to share my notes. My mantra has always been “sharing is caring.” As I once explained to one of my friends, “I don’t care what everyone else gets, as long as I get a 7.” That’s my thing. That’s why I put my notes online.

What is a kneecaps document?
One of the things me and my friends find helpful to use when studying is to have a tabular document that is basically a hint sheet that says “if you see these kinds of facts in a question, talk about A, B and C.” We first used one of these documents most extensively in the 2nd-year subject Equity. One of the “look for this in the facts” things was something along the lines of... “If you leave this house I’ll break your kneecaps” (which, for your information, meant that we were supposed to talk about ‘Undue Influence’ in having the contract set aside in equity). We didn’t really have a short name for documents of this type. The next time we went to create one, it was colloquially referred to as “that kneecaps document” and this has stuck since. For subjects where the kneecaps document has proved actually helpful, I’ve always included it in the documents I have uploaded on this site.

When do you graduate?
The end of 2010. I have a graduate job at Blake Dawson, and I’ll be starting there in 2011.

How come there are less and less subject notes towards the later years of your degree?
I did lots of other stuff at uni in my final years... I did work experience subjects and worked overseas and stuff. So naturally there are no notes. Sorry!

Have you ever spilt coffee/tea all over your notes and computer about 2 hours before you’re meant to sit the exam?
Funny you ask. Yes I have. It sucks! Here’s what it looked like (I had already taken away my notes and tried to dry them using a hairdryer (not mine, I swear)). Also, I know my mug says “Nicholas the greatest” - it was a present. I’m not that much of a loser.
This was a couple of hours before my LWB431 Civil Procedure exam in 2010. My printed exam notes were partially destroyed (but still useable in their crispy, brittle state) but my computer’s keyboard was totally ruined! Sad